Super Affiliate System Review

Honestly, this affiliate system is EXTENSIVE. When they state there are 6 weeks of training they are NOT joking. You have to set aside about 2 hours a day for your training. Treat this like an education and plan on doing 1 hour of studying, and 1 hour of practice/implementing each day. It is like going to school, the only distinction is that you are learning to build a business that offers you enormous flexibility because you can do this from anywhere in the world.

The Super Affiliate System was created by John Crestani and it teaches you how to money with affiliate marketing. While I have not had time yet to go through the entire upgraded version, I have actually already learned A-LOT from it and am currently utilizing what I’m learning to get a positive ROI on my Facebook Ads. John’s 5,10,20 trick along with the other training, templates and done for you campaigns are nothing short of remarkable.

Who is John Crestani? “John Crestani is a growth hacker known for his contributions in helping companies reach more people and sell more products using the business model of affiliate marketing. He is an online expert in all forms of paid advertising; from Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Youtube Ads, and Native advertising networks.” (Linkedin)

John just sent me the current access to The Super Affiliate System and it simply keeps improving. I have begun to implement his Google advertisement training for lower priced items and have actually developed up my own way of getting excellent conversions though John’s system.

Going through The Super Affiliate System resembles having your hand held by somebody who truly knows his stuff and together with the weekly Q and A’s you will never feel out in the cold or alone. There is likewise the IM Jetset forum where you can raise concerns to existing members or to John and team.

As I discussed, the Super Affiliate System utilizes paid traffic and it is what John and all the other members use. Paid traffic costs money but in the Super Affiliate System you will be getting $800 Dollars’ worth of discount coupons to get started. What are these coupons? Whatever country you’re in, if you ‘google’ “Google adword coupons” you will be able to find a lot of them, and if you are in a non-English speaking country then Google it in your native language.

Let me simply repeat what you will be getting! * Weekly Q and A’s! * Probably the most detailed training on paid traffic that I have seen in 4 years of evaluating trainings! * A step by action Education over 6 weeks! * A LOTS OF Provided for You bonuses such as complimentary traffic vouchers, Pre-Sell Pages, Audience targeting information, Ad swipes and a lot more! * An active forum of other members so you can get help or guidance anytime!

It’s simply something I believe everybody who’s anybody in the Internet Marketing game must know. In John’s own SAS system which consists of a funnel to make sales, he uses a variety of methods to create traffic, which include both paid and free sources. Some paid ones include You Tube Ads, Facebook Advertisements and Google Adwords. Totally free ones are organic traffic from search engines, You Tube and Facebook. He drives all the traffic to one single landing page which is the Webinar registration page.

Click here to watch the free presentation of his ‘beginner friendly’ 3-step formula webinar, and see why this training, coaching and online forum deserves your time and investment!


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